February 9, 2016

Branding Minneapolis’ Biggest Secret

Volstead’s Emporium, Minneapolis’ most talked about new bar, goes to great lengths to offer alternative nightlife seekers an authentic speakeasy experience. Hidden in the back alleys of Uptown Minneapolis, this prohibition-themed hideaway is so dedicated to its era that it has no website, social media channels or outdoor signs. Because the bar functions solely on word-of-mouth, every element of its physical appearance was essential in establishing the brand and transporting customers into a different age.

In 2015, Volstead’s Emporium enlisted the help of Westwerk to assist in creating this custom experience. Weaving elements from two different periods into one cohesive space, Westwerk helped produce an interior design experience pairing 1900’s Parisian Art Nouveau with Art Deco elements of 1920’s New York. From custom wallpaper to a hand-lettered logo, stained glass inset and menu design, Westwerk consulted on nearly every aspect of Volstead’s environment, branding and décor.

Patrons are lining up out the door and around the block as Volstead’s Emporium quickly becomes the talk of the town. This hidden gem has already received rave reviews within two short months of opening, including a cover feature on February’s MSP Mag and profile in the Variety section of Star Tribune. Congrats to proprietors, John Braun and Dave West, on a successful grand opening!

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