SANDOW, a global company that builds influential brands in beauty, design, business information and luxury, needed a website that could encompass all that it does in an exciting, informative way. Known previously as a publishing house, SANDOW has expanded its reach to include everything from retail and licensing to consulting and events. With exciting brands like Fred Segal, Media Connexion, Worth magazine, New Beauty magazine and more, SANDOW was a powerhouse worthy of an equally powerful statement site.


As a global company that’s constantly evolving and adding new brands, SANDOW struggled to succinctly explain who it is and what it does. With so many brands under its belt, there was a lot of information to convey to the public, prospective employees, prospective clients and industry peers. Our challenge was figuring how to convey their ethos in a way that didn’t overwhelm, yet still captured the exciting, infectious energy of the company.

Because the site is primarily used for recruitment purposes, it was essential that its message came across clearly and the site was easy to navigate. Additionally, it needed to incorporate functionality that would help streamline the recruitment process for both SANDOW’s internal teams and external job applicants.


Innovative development techniques were implemented to give an extra edge to SANDOW, including editable infographics, header image transitions, various content modules and more.


A Spotlight On High-End Services

After a productive kick-off meeting at the SANDOW headquarters in Florida, we hit the ground running. First, we worked with them to help better define SANDOW’s core brand messaging and determine how that could best be translated into the site’s organization and design. Next, we evaluated the existing site’s strengths and weaknesses, researched the competitor environment and defined the new site’s goals.

After a convent inventory, content hierarchy, and tackling the architecture and navigation, we used wireframes to establish the site’s layout and initial functionality. Once the foundation was in place, we worked with SANDOW to determine the best design approach to meet its goals. As part of the redesign, we incorporated recent updates to SANDOW’s core values and mission, helped to spotlight its unique products and services, and brought the brand to life through high-end design elements.


The result is a beautiful, industry-leading responsive website that effectively showcases SANDOW’s brands, work and culture. The new site allows for simple content updates from the marketing team, significantly streamlines the recruitment process, and is scalable for future changes and expansion.

  • Summit Creative Awards 2015: Bronze
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