Redline Bicycles deals in big personalities and in-your-face biking action, but its existing website was anything but extreme. Commonly considered one of the original BMX bike manufacturers in America, Redline needed a digital presence that looked and felt modern while still paying homage to its long and rich history. Though Redline initially approached Westwerk looking for a simple customization of its current WordPress theme, after consultation it became clear that a completely new theme custom-built for its needs was the right solution.


Big, bold and clean, the new design takes Redline’s brand and amplifies it to appeal to a more modern audience. We chose new fonts specifically for the web, and designed custom iconography to refresh the existing site’s outdated look. In order to highlight the industry-leading athletes Redline works with, we integrated the individual social media accounts of the team throughout the homepage, and included personalized information like Spotify playlists, videos, pictures, bios and more.

Taking advantage of the client’s ample supply of high-quality bike photography, we made the product images the primary visual focus of the site. Visitors can simply scroll over the image of a model to find out basic information like price and key features, then click on the link to open up a separate product page with extensive details about parts specifications, measurements, how to purchase the bike and more. By integrating a GeoIP feature into the site, we were able to streamline the purchasing process by making it easier for users to find the participating retailers that are closest to their specific location.


Redline now has a modern, mobile-friendly site that puts the focus back where it should be–on the bikes–and is poised for soaring growth.

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