February 2, 2016

Why WordPress Works for eCommerce

If you follow our work you likely already know we’re pretty diehard fans of WordPress. From its power as a publishing platform to its second-to-none strength as a CMS, there’s not a whole lot WordPress can’t do. Despite its long list of uses, many people don’t realize that WordPress is also a great option for ecommerce sites.

If you’re considering creating an ecommerce site or switching platforms, here are a few benefits of using WordPress for ecommerce to factor into your decision:


When you use WordPress for ecommerce, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that at any given time hundreds of developers are working hard to keep it secure. As the world’s most popular publishing platform, WordPress has a huge community of knowledgeable users who are devoted to making WordPress the best it can be – so much that some companies employ full-time WordPress core contributors. Since WP is open source, solutions to the ever-changing threat landscape are swiftly developed and easy to implement. Check out our post on WordPress security best practices for more info on keeping your site safe.


Unlike common out-of-the box ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Spree, WordPress provides many easy-to-implement solutions, making it simple to create an online shopping experience that’s on brand and best meets your customers’ unique needs. WooCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, allows you to setup an ecommerce store on your WordPress install in minutes.

There are currently 357 extensions available through WooCommerce, and an additional 760+ on CodeCanyon. These extensions provide powerful functionality with things like payment gateways, shipping gateways, product add ons and much more!

If an extension is not available for your needs, don’t fret. You can easily add custom functionality to your site with the use of developer “hooks.” Hooks show off the true power of WordPress by enabling you to modify standard behaviors without modifying core code. Additionally, there are thousands of themes and plugins available, including many that are free, so the options are virtually endless when it comes to using WordPress for your ecommerce site.


In addition to keeping WordPress secure, the open source community is also constantly working on creating improvements to the platform. New features and functionality are rolled out frequently, so you won’t have to wait for a massive version release to get updates like you would with a closed ecommerce platform. In 2015, Automattic (the creators of WordPress) purchased Woocommerce, the world’s largest WordPress ecommerce platform, which means they’ll likely continue enhancing the integrations between the two moving forward.

At Westwerk, we see the opportunities available with WordPress and utilize it every day for our clients. Contact us if you’re considering WordPress for your eCommerce needs!

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