March 27, 2015

Westwerk Launches Lab Day

Last Friday, Westwerk held it’s first-ever Lab Day – an entire day set aside for small teams to work together on personal interest projects. Innovation, creativity and teamwork were the guiding principles for the exercise, with the ultimate goal of improving our agency in unique ways.

The teams worked through several initiatives ranging from a dashboard training plugin to a project management timeline tool to a website that tracks our weekly beer consumption from the agency taps. (We can safely say creativity was flowing that day!)

The structure of Lab Day proved effective, allowing us to engage our creative thinking and problem solving skills, while working closely with one another. The day was filled with laughter, good food, great company, and will serve as a benchmark for future Lab Days.

Did You Know: While Lab Day was a new Westwerk initiative, many well-known companies such as Google and 3M use “lab days” of their own to drive productivity and engagement. We wouldn’t have Gmail, Google AdSense or Post-It Notes without it!


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