October 26, 2016 | Marissa Noble | PR + Account Executive

Six Design Trends to Leave in The Dust

In the world of web, design trends are continuously changing. Due to the quickly evolving creative industry, it’s a vital part of every designer’s job to stay up to speed on the latest and greatest in the field. That includes knowing when to let a trend fall to the wayside. Start by leaving these six design trends in the dust:

Non-Responsive Sites – After the implementation of Google’s mobile-first algorithm in April of last year, any site that is not optimized for mobile, drops from the rankings altogether. Assuming smartphones and tablets are here to stay, why not adjust accordingly and abandon the idea of desktop-only design?

Low Resolution Images – Websites serve as our online identities, and are often times where a first impression is made. Featuring low quality images can reflect poorly on you and leave a bad taste with any user visiting your site. Showcase optimized JPEGS and you should be set.

Lengthy Forms – Internet users are commonly known for their short attention spans. Slapping a lengthy form on your site can almost guarantee form abandonment and in worst case scenarios visitors will leave the site altogether. Keep your forms short and sweet and they’re bound to be successful!

Busy Backgrounds – Your site can be the most beautiful creation brought to man, but if a user can’t find information, it isn’t doing it’s job. When it comes to backgrounds, stay true to one of the most iconic design principles and keep it simple, stupid.

Stale Stock Photography – In a sea of websites, it can be really hard to stand out. Especially if your site is sporting stale, generic, stock photography! Swap out the stock photos with bold, original imagery and you’ll have a better chance of grabbing attention and holding interest.

Pesky Pop Ups – Pop ups have a way of leaving users annoyed and frustrated. But as pesky as they can be, sometimes pop ups are completely unavoidable. If you’re promoting a product or a piece of resourceful content with a pop up, make sure to do it at the right time and place. Follow these tips to use pop ups to your advantage and keep visitors happy!

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