October 8, 2015

Preserving SEO in Three Easy Steps

Undergoing a website redesign or transitioning to a new CMS can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Because it’s crucial to take content and SEO into account during the website migration, we recommend the following three-step process to launch your site on solid footing.

  • Prepare for Migration – It’s important to start by doing the necessary legwork to prepare for migration, including identifying indexation issues and developing an inventory of your site’s existing content.
  • Migrate Content to Your New Site – This can be done either manually or by executing a bulk content import.
  • Address Technical On-Page SEO Factors and Post-Launch Details – Now that your content is migrated, it’s time to make sure your site is functioning properly and your user experience is in tact. Talk with us to learn more about our evaluation tools.

Migrating content to a new site without damaging SEO can feel like a daunting process. Get a more in depth look at the three-step process in our most recent white paper How to Move Content & Preserve SEO in a Website Redesign and ensure a smooth and SEO-friendly migration.

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