With more than 350 combined years of consulting and search experience and with over 3,500 positions filled in Minnesota, Versique is well-regarded as the industry leader in building valuable employer/employee relationships. It’s brand, reflecting its versatility and uniqueness, are strong representations of the company. However, Versique’s digital presence wasn’t up to par with the high standards of the company; Versique needed an updated digital space that could support its efforts and effectively differentiate the company from its competition.


Versique’s original site had become outdated, impersonal and the company was beginning to rapidly outgrow it. The content wasn’t organized in a user-friendly way, resulting in a poor user experience externally and cumbersome content updates for the internal maintenance team. In short, the company had very little control over the layout and the ability to easily edit and update.

The new site needed to underscore Versique’s credibility and appeal to a variety of companies and industries, in addition to many prospective employees visiting the site. It needed to accommodate Versique’s three key users and effectively lead them to the appropriate content and ultimately incite action.


We started the project off with an in-depth strategy workshop with the Versqiue team and stakeholders. We focused first on content organization, conducting card-sorting exercises, content evaluations and website analytics evaluation. Then we reorganized the website infrastructure to effectively target key audiences. On the front end, Versique’s new website is focused entirely on user experience,

inspiring its three key users to move along the appropriate path to related content. Designed in a modular, layer-cake style, the new website makes it easy for Versique’s marketing team to continually add, remove or rearrange content without disrupting the site’s visual flow. A “less is more” approach yielded bite-sized chunks of benefit-focused content with strategically placed calls to action to help users take the next step toward their goal.


Working closely with the Versique team, we created a website that fully encompasses the refreshed brand and re-establishes the recruitment company as front-runners in the industry.

The result is a new site that is far more user-friendly for prospects and visually appealing to all Versique visitors, adding a much-needed organization to the brand.

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