Taskstream is a New York-based technology company that provides cloud-based software solutions for varying audiences in the world of higher ed, including e-portfolios for students and accreditation services for university administrators. Founded in 2000, Taskstream was one of the first companies of its kind in the industry, yet a decade and a half later the competition was heating up.

As Taskstream grew, it knew it needed a website that could connect more effectively with prospects, capture important lead information, set its services apart from its competitors and present a warmer, more inviting brand. With our expertise in WordPress and deep knowledge of brand strategy and user-experience, we knew we were up to the task.


As a company, Taskstream provides a lot of necessary–but highly complicated–software solutions for a variety of audiences. Trying to speak to each of those targets and clearly explain what they offer and how it works all on one website was proving difficult. The new site needed to function much more effectively as a sales tool, clearly communicating Taskstream’s value propositions and generate and capture leads. Additionally, the company also wanted the new design to showcase its personality and connect with users on a more emotional level, while still remaining clean and modern. As a huge added challenge for us, Taskstream had almost no existing visual assets to work with that could help convey its personality.


From the start, it was clear that there was more to this challenge than met the eye. Taskstream needed a website that would set it apart from its competitors, but after flying to New York to meet with the team, it was clear they had to do some brand repositioning first. After working with the team to establish updated brand messaging, we were able to dig in and begin constructing a site that met Taskstream’s many sales and marketing goals. In addition to updating the design to incorporate an expanded brand color palette, more inviting typography and a comprehensive icon set, we sorted out content and significantly improved the user experience for each of Taskstream’s four main audiences.

We created a robust resource center that houses gated and non-gated content for lead generation purposes, and integrated a progressive profiling function so users who have already provided their contact information wouldn’t be prompted to do so again.

On the backend, the site is fully integrated with Salesforce, Pardot and ReadyTalk. The Taskstream team now has a much easier, more flexible tool to use for its marketing and sales efforts, allowing them to quickly create landing pages, add new resources and so on.


The result is a new site that is far more user-friendly for prospects and visually appealing to all visitors, adding much-needed warmth to the Taskstream brand.

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