Based in Minneapolis, the locally-owned company is an industry leader in sunless tanning. With two Twin Cities locations, one in the Windy City, and a new product line on the way, goGLOW was rapidly growing and as a result began to outshine its original brand and website. The goGLOW brand and web presence was in need of a makeover, and its product line needed retail-ready packaging that was stunning enough to catch the eye of consumers.


When it comes to sunless tanning, goGLOW is in a quality class all its own, however its brand was lacking the luster needed to truly stand apart. Leveraging goGLOW’s origin story and knowledge-based approach to the industry as our inspiration, we knew we needed to create a brand platform that reflected the feeling of confidence their customers feel after interacting with them.


From the ability to book appointments on the website to a sophisticated new look on social media – every detail was accounted for in the goGLOW rebrand. Logo, color palette, business cards and brand messaging were all revamped to ensure a cohesive brand experience across the board. What’s more, we created a brand guide to help goGLOW seamlessly roll out and execute the new brand, both internally and externally. The new look is sleek and sexy and perfectly positions goGLOW as the luxury brand they were aiming to be.


Using goGLOW’s beautiful new brand assets we tackled all touch points of the packaging process for the new product line. From making product material selections and creating design concepts to prototyping, vetting vendors and overseeing production, we made sure every detail was covered to ensure the newly launched line would be retail-ready and flying off the shelves.


We developed and presented an integrated marketing plan that showcased top goals and objectives for goGLOW and expanded on the strategic tactics and key messaging that would be put in place to reach them. We provided a comprehensive plan with quarterly media campaigns, consumer and VIP events, customer loyalty programs and an all encompassing content marketing strategy built to boost product and service sales and drive results.

Additionally Westwerk consulted goGLOW on a complete go-to-market strategy for its Chicago store opening including store front signage, brand messaging, promotional store opening pieces and other marketing materials.


Working closely with the company founder, we were able to differentiate goGLOW from a small spray tan salon, to a luxury brand that’s as glamorous as its goGLOWs.

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