Located steps away from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Essential Juicery is an independent shop producing hand-crafted fruit and vegetable juices. The produce and herbs are cold-pressed daily to preserve essential nutrients and minerals, and come in a variety of flavor combinations. With a seriously healthy product, Essential needed branding, packaging and a web presence that could be simple, fun and friendly without compromising the high-end nature of its cold-pressed juice.


Our challenge was to create a visual identity that was bright, friendly and energetic in order to catch the eye of the consumer. With its location directly outside one of the premiere medical clinics in the world, Essential’s storefront and design needed to be inclusive enough to appeal to a global audience. Essential Juice had a wholesome, healthy product, but it needed a brand that focused on flavor first and foremost. Many different ingredients go into one bottle of Essential Juice, but keeping things simple was – dare we say it – essential in appealing to a broader audience.
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Working directly with Essential’s owner, we helped Essential land on a name for the company and five trademark juices that were friendly and original enough to set them apart from the pack. Keeping simplicity and fun front of mind, we created brand messaging, color palette, typography, website, posters, digital menu boards, nontraditional environmental ads, store interior and signage. We also created custom illustrations of each ingredient to stand in place of real photography.

Ambient Advertising

In addition to creating marketing collateral, we came up with an idea for a campaign to build brand awareness. The campaign was aimed at getting the attention of mall goers nearby.

The concept was to have a floor graphic of an Essential Juicery bottle at the bottom of the ‘down’ escalator and on the stairs there are graphics of all of the natural ingredients. The overall effect is that the fruit and vegetables would be flowing into the container, reinforcing the amount of all natural ingredients in each bottle.



After launch, Essential became one of the most sought-after places of employment for its cool brand and great products. The store was regularly selling out of juice, and after less than a year in business had garnered enough positive attention that the owner received an inquiry to buy out the company.

  • 2014 AIGA Minnesota Design Show
  • 2014 Summit Creative Awards: Silver
  • 2014 Summit Creative Awards - Best Idea Never Produced Escalator Ad: Silver
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