For more than 80 years, Beckman Coulter has been a trusted partner for laboratory professionals, helping to advance scientific research and patient care by optimizing the lab instruments. Focusing on innovation, reliability and efficiency, it has become the partner of choice for clinical, research and industrial customers spanning the globe. With its instruments found in hospitals and critical care settings around the world, it has become an international leader in the biomedical industry.


Beckman Coulter needed a digital design partner to completely redesign its bulky, outdated intranet using the open source platform, WordPress. The new private intranet needed to tout a complete design and functionality overhaul, in addition to content migration from its existing intranet containing thousands of pages within dozens of sections. What’s more, the new intranet would need to fit the needs of its extensive international team of users and include layers of security, departmental restrictions and special access.


We kicked off the discovery phase by flying to sunny California and meeting with the Beckman Coulter team. The visit centered around a day-long strategy workshop where we collaborated with the core Beckman Coulter web team as well as various department heads from IT, marketing, HR and more, to flesh out details surrounding users, content, functionality, 

design, navigation and more. During the in-depth strategy session, we identified crucial milestones within the project, including progress benchmarks, goals, content and functionality updates and more. By identifying these early on, we set ourselves and the client up for success in the next phases of the project.

Design & Development

We began by reorganizing and restructuring the site’s content to provide a better user experience in addition to optimizing for mobile. We simplified the existing navigation and incorporated new design trends to provide a modern, uncluttered layout making it simple for the entire Beckman Coulter team to use with ease.

On the development side, we implemented cutting-edge functionality that allows the Beckman Coulter team endless options within its new intranet. From two-way communication abilities and video-based employee training to Google translate and the option to set up in-page alerts, all integrations were aimed at enhancing the employee experience. The enterprise-level site was built on WordPress, allowing for simple content updates, seamless third-party integration and individual user based homepage customization.

What’s more, the site was integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and also provides robust, multi-levels of redundancies, security and user permissions, to ensure employees  – and employees only – have the right access.


The new intranet makes everyday processes and staying up-to-date with company news significantly easier for Beckman Coulter employees on all digital devices across the board.

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