April 21, 2016 | Amy Abt | Marketing Director

A Healthy Checkup on AccentHealth’s Digital Presence

Last week, Westwerk traveled to New York City to visit our new client, AccentHealth, and kick off the partnership with a day-long strategy session. The workshop started with an extensive overview of AccentHealth; covering all the bases, we learned about the company history, current branding elements and future growth plans.

Following the company overview, we took an in-depth look at AccentHealth’s sales and marketing processes and performed a full review of the company’s competitors and main audiences. We also dug into the existing and proposed marketing efforts, giving us a better view on how the site rebuild will help play an important part in nurturing inbound lead generation.

We wrapped up the workshop with a buyer journey mapping exercise, where we physically laid out and walked through AccentHealth’s user needs, solutions and abandonment opportunities. We identified existing and new calls to action in addition to any other questions that a new prospect may find themselves asking. This exercise helped us hone in on what content would need to be developed on the new site to maximize conversions and ROI.

Finally, we ended the day-long workshop with a discussion around short- and long-term business goals, MQL and SQL benchmarks, and established goals for site performance, lead-gen. and ROI moving forward.

Performing a sticky note card sorting exercise with the Accent Health team!

Our time learning and planning at AccentHealth was well spent. We are looking forward to collaborating with AccentHealth and giving the site a healthy, modern update that reaps benefits for years to come. Stay tuned for news on the upcoming re-launch!

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