August 26, 2016 | Marissa Noble | PR + Account Executive

National Women’s Equality Day

Exactly 96 years ago, Women in America won the fight in the battle for their right to vote. While this was a major feat back in 1920, we fast forward nearly a century and women are still struggling to be considered as equals, specifically in the workforce and especially true in the tech world. Which was why we were so thrilled to announce when Westwerk officially became a gender-equal agency back in March, however that is no longer the case.

Today, as we celebrate National Women’s Equality Day, we are even more excited to announce that Westwerk is made up by more than 50% female employees, including our fearless CEO!


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WE 6 Fixed

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Let’s raise a glass to all the strong, intelligent, hard-working women out there kicking ass at what they do and making major breakthroughs with gender diversity in the workforce! For more inspiring stories on National Women’s Equality Day, check out what this local agency is doing to celebrate!

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